Synchronizing the manufacturing industry of construction materials

Our vision is development

About Us

Company Overview!

Our company, OVID Manufacturing PLC is a private limited company under OVID Corporate Group established for the objective of mainly synchronizing the Manufacturing Industry of construction materials to the Construction Industry in the country. 

It is also our goal diligently working on introducing, implementing and popularizing technological construction methods and alternative construction materials that are identified to enhance efficiency of cost, time and quality of the construction products and also to help meet the people’s need as the result.

Vision, Mission, and Values of our company.


To research, develop and implement trustworthy solutions by synchronizing the manufacturing industry of construction materials with the construction industry so that it helps to meet the basic needs of people in developing countries.


  • Passion: To have exceptional enthusiasm
  • Result Orientation: Focuses on outcome rather than process
  • Integrity: To be counted on to do what we say
  • Creativity: Produce original/added value ideas and thoughts
  • Excellence: Engage our best efforts 


  •  To focus on worthwhile manufactured construction materials and work techniques that helps transforming the construction industry to modern and international level.
  • To produce various technological and alternative construction materials on Industrial scale and help people to get affordable needs at efficient cost and quality.
  • Empower employees through professional development and inspire them with clear opportunities to share in the growth of the company.

Our Products!

Introduction and implementation of new kind of formwork technology.

Production and supply of high class, conventional and exceptional concrete mixes including self-compacting concrete